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Tom Taps Speak

This tool aims to foster an easier means of communication for individuals with special needs or speech disabilities.

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"Tom Taps is a communication app to help kids and toddlers with speech disorders. The app showcases a colorful and easy-to-use layout to motivate communication."

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"I was kindly asked to review this app with my young son Tom and I have to say that it was incredibly easy to use and that Tom took to it straight away." - Jo Worgan

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"Tom Taps Speak is a simplistic app with a good foundation of words to help non-verbal students to communicate."

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"Tom Taps is a well-thought out app. In my opinion, it is great for those starting out with AAC, and I was surprised to see how many categories the app includes, how clear the symbols are, and how intuitive the navigation is."

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"The most recent update of the app includes very appealing graphics, ability to customize, a letter board, a whiteboard and improved voice output."

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"Seer Technologies' Tom Taps app provides kids with autism with new ways to express their thoughts and emotions using technology."

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