Special Needs

Special Needs

It is our advocacy to create awareness about special needs and to encourage understanding and acceptance from the community by creating apps that make a difference.

What is Special Needs?

Special Needs is an umbrella term used to encompass different disabilities that affect the developmental, mental or physical growth of a person. This term can be used both for clinical and educational purposes. Examples of diagnosis include autism, down's syndrome, ADHD, and ALS.

Source: Mauro, http://specialchildren.about.com/, "What are Special Needs"

About AAC

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a term to refer to all methods of communication used by people who have a hard time expressing themselves orally. Tom Taps Speak is an app that uses pictures to help communicate feelings, needs and wants of a kid with special needs.


Why matching?

Visiting therapy centers taught us that kids with special needs start learning first with identification and then matching. The beginner level involves matching the same object, and then matching the same object in a different form. Words and Blocks takes it to another level by matching a word with a picture.

On Sorting

After learning how to match, kids are taught to categorise. Sorting shows kids that even if things appear to be different, they can be grouped together by their shape, color, features or essence. Bubble Sort teaches sorting in a fun and practical way by using common places kids often visit.

About Spelling

It's harder to communicate when you have special needs, that's why a lot of people make the mistake of underestimating your vocabulary. Spelling games like Words and Blocks aim to clear that out by proving people that your lexicon is wider than what they think.