Bubble Sort

WB Bubble Sort

Join Lizzie and Joe in exploring Bubble Town. Teach the kids how to sort real-life objects portrayed in the colourful illustrations and reward them with toy prizes by popping bubbles!



Sort pictures according to their color, shape and function


Unlock places like the school in the map by finishing all sorting mini-games


Learn new things about a place by listening to the trivia narrated before every game


Meet new friends and ride with them in the bus every time you finish a place

Bag of Rewards

Collect fun stuff like teddy bears, ice creams, chocolates by popping bubbles everytime you finish game


Recognize and learn the name, color or shape of each item everytime you tap on it while playing

Words and Blocks

Words and Blocks

Expand your child's vocabulary and make the learning process more fun with Words & Blocks. Children will learn how to spell words through the use of colorful images and letter blocks. A picture is presented on the screen and the child has to correctly spell the word through the use of letter blocks. These individual letter blocks are pronounced when it is tapped by the user. Tapping the image of the word to be spelled also pronounces how it is read. With the Matching Game, the child is given a selection of three images. The child has to select the image which matches the displayed word on the screen. Tapping on the given word will pronounce how it is read.



Master spelling by arranging the letter blocks to indicate the name of the picture


Learn associating words with pictures by this fun matching game

Sticker Book

Collect stars, rockets, aliens and asteroid stickers every time you finish a number of games


Find more words and pictures to match and spell in our store

Parent Mode

Manage the settings and the store without worry by a secure parent mode

Tom Taps Speak

Tom Taps Speak

This tool aims to foster an easier means of communication for children with special needs or speech disabilities.



Make your own communication board that can cater to different people and different needs.


Go Picasso. If words and pictures can say no more, doodle your thoughts!


Say it with letters. Your words can mix with picture cards for better expression.

Communication Tool

Express yourself with Tom Taps Speak AAC app with hundreds of cards.


Use your voice and photos in your cards and boards for a more personalised feel.


Unlock useful features and get more craftily made pictures from our store.