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What is Tom Taps?

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Tom Taps is what we call our team! We are composed of 5 people, and we develop apps for people with special needs. Right now, we’re focusing on Tom Taps Speak, this very app that you are using now, but we’re looking forward to developing more. If you’d like to collaborate and give us suggestions, feel free to send us an email, private message us in Facebook or rate us in the App Store.

Why Tom Taps?

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One of our co-founders has a son named Tom, who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. He is as bright as the sun and he is our inspiration and motivation into making this app.

What is Tom Taps Speak?

Tom Taps Speak is a communication tool app that uses pictures and letters to aid a non-verbal person communicate his feelings, thoughts, ideas, needs and wants.